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Cnverg is a virtual whiteboard that helps you plan projects visually with your team or clients, no matter where they are in the world. Cnverg turns GitHub issues into interactive cards and lets you manipulate them in real time.



GitHub users link your Cnverg account and try for FREE!

Just click "GET STARTED FREE" and you will be asked to sign into your GitHub account. Your Cnverg account will be created and you will be connected to GitHub. 

You can try Cnverg on its own for as long as you like, however, in order to use the GitHub Integration, other Integrations and TEAM functionality, you must sign up for a TEAM Plan. YOU WILL HAVE 14 DAYS TO TRY FOR FREE!

TEAM Plans give you chat capability, access to ALL Integrations and a shared, interactive workspace that allows everyone to participate as if they were all the in the same room!

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Create, Plan and Manage your GitHub issues more effectively

Cnverg gives you more effective planning and backlog management capabilities by providing your team with a shared interactive environment where you can work with GitHub issues, tickets, sticky notes, task cards, images, text and whiteboarding tools – all in real-time.

IT and Dev Ops teams can link their GitHub repos and pull issue into workspaces as interactive cards – giving you the power to create, assign, tag, update and close issues.


Use the tools you're familiar with and work the way you're used to

We all think differently. Communicate your ideas using the methods that work best for you. Cnverg includes convenient whiteboarding tools such as pens, sticky notes, text and images.

Choose from dozens of custom background templates - or upload your own - and switch seamlessly from one activity to another.


Teams, GitHub, Trello (and more!) together

Get a TEAM Plan and get access to all Integrations, including Trello and JIRA (coming soon).

Pull your GitHub repos, Trello boards, etc. into a single workspace. Cards and issues can now be moved and grouped together, allowing you and your team to see the whole picture.